Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello!! Here It's my January ornament!!

Hi everybody,

I decided to do my ornaments in red work and "frame" them over wood with hooks to hang floss in my craft room.

This is my first month and I stitched a freebie from Flossbox that I modified (I eliminated the top of the chart) the original chart you can found here

For all the models I will be using DMC 221 and lugana 28 stitched over two.

I also have a question ; could I post two of each month? I'm planning to make a Bride's Tree for a dear friend. Could I post them as well?


Jennifer said...

You can post as many as you'd like! (I'm working on 2 sets as well, one for us and one for our friends)

Aury said...

Great!! Thanks for your super fast answer. I'll be posting soon my other January ornament

Charlene said...

Great way to get gifts done early, and of course we'd all love to see them.