Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Want to join us?

Jennifer created this blog in 2007. Last month she had a baby and requested for help to continue with the SAL and the blog. I stepped up and offered myself with the clear intentions that if at any future time she wants to take the administration back, it will be waiting for her. Until she can be able to come back to her administrative functions I will relaunch the SAL to those that want to participate in a new edition.

The Bride’s Tree is a German tradition. It is believed that a couple’s Christmas tree needs twelve specific ornaments for happiness in their life journey together. You don’t need to stitch them as ornaments. I stitched 12 last year for a friend but mine these upcoming year will become something else ( maybe a quilt). If you don’t celebrate Christmas you can substitute month 12’s theme (St Nick) for your holiday tradition, maybe a Menorah or a Kwanzaa Kinara ( or anything that symbolize giving and goodwill to you).

There is not rush with the ornaments, even when it’s an ideal situation to stitch one each month. If you can’t it will be OK too. Ornaments are usually fast to stitch so I hope it would not be a burden in our wip’s list.

You can find here the 12 themes as well as a freebie list for each month so if you want you don’t need to spend money in charts in this SAL.

You are more than welcome to participate with us. Blogspot set the number of members to 100 and there is close to 70 places available this year on the blog. If you want to participate please leave a message in this post or send me an email at aurytm @ (remove spaces) and I will add you to our group. Be sure to indicate “Bride’s Tree SAL” in your subject line.

You can join at ANY time during the year and start wherever we are, then catch up at your own pace. Pictures from any previous month can be posted at any time.

We will be waiting for you!!