Thursday, December 6, 2007

How this Works

Since 2008 has been dubbed the Year of Selfish Stitching by many bloggers who find themselves too involved in exchanges and swaps, I thought this would be a great idea to help focus our stitching on ourselves, at least in a small way. Ornaments stitch up quick and don't put a huge burden on the stitcher, so I think this is a nice treat without a huge commitment.

I am a firm believer in symbolism and the value of sentiment, which is why I love this idea of a Bride's tree and the symbolic meaning behind each ornament. Some items on the list have a more religious connotation than others, but I think that can be modified so that everyone can be comfortable with them. But mostly I think this set of ornaments should reflect your own personal sense of style, your own personality, and your own stitching preferences. I think the most fun will be seeing how different people interpret the list and where they draw their inspiration from.

This is the list by month of the themes from the ornaments. Feel free to keep your eyes open for ideas for upcoming themes, or to work ahead if you so choose. (I would just ask that you refrain from posting pictures until we reach that theme)

  • January: House - shelter and/or protection
  • February: Heart - true love, love of family
  • March: Flower or Flower Basket - good wishes, beauty in the home
  • April: Rabbit - hope and/or faith
  • May: Bird or Bird in a nest - happiness and/or joy, confidence in the shelter
  • June: Fruit or Fruit Basket - generosity, plenty
  • July: Fish - Christ's blessing, fertility
  • August: Rose - beauty and/or affection, Virgin Mary
  • September: Teapot or Coffeepot - hospitality
  • October: Pinecone - motherhood and/or fruitfulness, eternity
  • November: Angel or church - God's guidance in the home, spiritual guidance
  • December: St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) - giving and sharing, unselfishness and/or goodwill
And I don't see any reason why those who don't celebrate Christmas can't participate if they want to. A good wish for the home is a good wish for the home, no matter what religion you are. Why not finish your items into a bell pull, table runner, or other non-Christmas item? Surely themes of love, family, hospitality, goodwill and hope appeal to all of us. Okay, the Santa Claus one might be tricky, but why not subsitute a symbol of your own holiday experience, such as a menorah or a Kwanza Kinara?

I would encourage participants to look through their own stashes and reference materials to find patterns suitable for this project, or treat yourself to a few new items. There's no restrictions on shape, size, designer, etc. This should be a FUN project!


Janaina said...

As for the 1st ornie, House, does a bird house count?!

Janaina said...

By the way... Ruth told me about that group. Would like to join. May I?:o)
Hugs from sunny Brazil!

Sandy said...

Hi Sweet Pea! I would like to join your group please. It sounds like a lot of fun!


Cenoura said...

Hello! Can I join you?
Also I would like to post this SAL on my blog. Can I? I wait for your answer before do something.
Big hug from Portugal!

Rachel S said...

May I join the group? This is such a neat idea.

~V said...

cool :) My friend just told me that 3 of my patterns were listed here :) Thanks :) Great stitching everyone!

Angelic Stitches

Diane said...

I would like to join. Just ordered the 3 leaflets. Now I need recommendations for sources for cross stitch fabric and thread. We do have a Hobby Lobby not too far away. Should they have the supplies recommended?
What a great Christmas gift this will make for a couple celebrating their first Christmas together!