Friday, December 14, 2007


Here's a picture of me and my new grandson, Jack, who is now about 8 wks that you know what I look like. I always like to see who I'm stitching with, do you? Makes me think I know you better that way. Or, is it just me??? I hope all of you will post a picture, please????

I'm so happy to be joining all of you on the Bride's Tree SAL. I've wanted to do this sort of thing for years, and have never had a fire under my boookie (it's not pronounced like a book...:) until now, perhaps. I'm really looking forward to getting started in January.

My personal interpretation is going to be to find designs that strikes me by relating to my son's childhood in some way. So, they will truly be visual reminders, as well as symbolic ones. I hope, in a way, my only DD-Jessica doesn't get wind of what I'm doing, because you know she's going to want a Bride's Tree, too!!! Yikes!

Just want to give a wave to Barbara and Vonna for sending me here to look. See you both in the "Spring!" :) Deb


Vonna said...

Hello Deb :) I'm going to try to stitch 4 sets... ;((( I always have big ideas!

Barbara said...

I'm daydreaming about making a set for each of our kids. LOL!

Sweet Pea said...

I think Vonna is off her rocker!!! :-) At least Barbara is a little more sensible and containing her ambitions to daydreams. LOL

Deb, I can't even imagine how cool that ornament set is going to be, all tied into your son's childhood. (And you're right - your daughter is going to want one as well.)