Sunday, December 30, 2007

Greetings and Intro

Hi, my name is Danica (or Dani) and I live in Virginia. This will be my first SAL and I am looking forward to it. I plan on stitching a set of these for my husband and I (we've been married for almost 2 years). We have a small Christmas tree that these would be perfect for. I think I'm going to use the Something in Common designs that have been posted. I might work on doing a set for my sister at some point as well. I am really looking forward to this :)

Hello form the UK

I think this SAL is such a lovely idea, I am stitching ornaments for my DD and her boyfriend who will be setting up home together this year, and want to present them with them at Christmas.

I shall be stitching from my stash and picking designs I think they will like, appropriate to the theme, rather than from one designer.

At some point I will have to include a cat, as both are cat lovers!

Eager to start!


I'm Ready

Hi everyone! I am excited to be doing this. I have the chart for these from Rosewood Manor and have been wanting to do them, now I will have the motivation from all of you to get them done in the coming year. My son has just gotten his first apartment and I was thinking I would make these and then I could give them to him for his tree. Still trying to decide on the fabric with each charted at 70x70. Don't want to make them too large that he wouldn't put them on his tree. I am leaning towards an evenweave and doing them over 1 so they would be smaller even then the size would still be about a 3 inch ornament. What is the "official" start date for these?

Friday, December 28, 2007

More Patterns

If you're looking for patterns to stitch, you can check out these from Something in Common

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello from C in DC

Hello all,

This is my first SAL. I'm also very new to blogging.

I'm planning to stitch my BT ornaments from my stash as much as possible. This will give me the opportunity to work on projects I've bought for myself over the years that I haven't really touched since. I do way too much obligation stitching.

I also like the idea of stitching from my stash because then my ornaments won't necessarily look like a matched set. Since we have a very eclectic tree, with ornaments from around the world, I like the idea of keeping the hodge-podge character going. I'll let you know which patterns I choose as I go along.

I pulled out my house pattern last night. It's a kit of the Liberty Building (Tudor style) in London. Unfortunately, the kit is missing the pattern. I'm hoping I can find a copy of the pattern, otherwise, I think I can probably make do with the picture in the kit.

This should be fun!

New Member

I have been in love with these ornaments since I saw a glass set in a catalog, but wanted to stitch a set. I found a few charts for the ornaments, but had not found the 'perfect' set that appealed to my heart. When I saw the Best Wishes chart, I knew this was it! Then I found Bride's Tree SAL blog, and couldn't wait to join. Thanks for inviting me to join the Bride's Tree SAL.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm looking forward to getting my ornaments started - can January 2008 really be just days away!?!?

I'm planning to stitch the Best Wishes Ornaments from Rosewood Manor, thank you to who ever posted about these sweet little designs. I have my chart and am in the process of choosing fabric for starting in January. I'm leaning toward a 40ct linen at this point because the stitch count is 70x70 on these.

:0)Mary Kathryn

Monday, December 24, 2007

HELLO there :)

My name is Vonna and I reside HERE. I've been in for a couple of week now and lurking the board, and thought I'd better make an introduction. It was not my intention to start something "else" stitchy, but I was persuaded and after I started thinking....well I can't turn my mind off. SO I decided to go ahead and join too. I'm going to try *really hard* to get each of my ornaments stitched each month.

Here's my plan. These ornaments are not for me...and for no bride walking down the aisle anytime soon. What I'm planning is to go to the after Christmas sales and buy the nicest, guadiest boxes I can find, 4 of them. I'm going to try to stitch 4 sets of these ornaments and as I finish them, I will place them in the box. I am planning on writing a letter about the meaning, why I stitched them, etc and pasting it on the inside cover of the box and as I get the sets done, I shall pack them away for when my 4 children get married. Once they are married then I shall present each one of them with a box of bride tree ornaments. Great idea, huh?! I'm notorious for "great ideas" it's the following through with the idea that I stink at! So here's a toast and a wish to getting them done!

I've chosen a lot of the patterns already and I'm choosing most of them from various Prairie Schooler patterns that I have. I haven't decided if I'm doing 4 sets the same or 4 sets different...I think I may do different designs on some and the same on some. We'll see?! I wish you all and myself much luck in achieving our goals!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Count me in :)

Hello, everyone! I decided to join in, although I haven't a bride in mind... I'm thinking these will wind up being for me; sort of a personal project where I explore/expand/discover something about myself related to the theme each month. A therapeutic journey of sorts :)

Knowing my track-record and my show/travel schedule for the upcoming year, I'll be surprised if I make it through all 12 months, but I do intend to sincerely try!


My patterns!

I don't remember what possessed me to buy these charts, but I did, and I've had them sitting around for a while now. I'm debating using them, because I REALLY like the Victoria Sampler Christmas Treasures box and ornaments. Oh man, what a decision!!

This is a great SAL idea, and I'm glad I joined!

You can buy them right here from the designer. (Scroll down to almost the bottom of the list!)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Another New Member

I am very excited to accept the invitation from Sweet Pea to join this group of stitchers. I am looking forward to see what I come up with and to see what all of you are stitching. This sounds like great fun. I had never heard of a Bride's Tree until today. I am off to hunt for the perfect design for me to stitch during January.

Happy Holidays

Just Joined!

Hi, Ladies!

I've just signed up to join you and have been busy purusing my stash and wishlist for ideas. I think I have decided about half of them, but still looking for the rest.

This is such a great idea. My niece and my nephew are both getting married in 2009. This is a great idea for their wedding gifts as well. Wow! I guess that means I really need to get started. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Can you creative ladies help me here?!:o)

I am thinking about to start my blog here...
The thing is: I can´t decide on a name for it!
Here is what I was thinking about:
-The Cross Stitch Maniac Corner
-The Stitcher In The Green Bikini (yes... I am from Brazil (great beaches!) and yes, I have a green bkn!)
-Stitching At The SunI am looking for THE perfect name and I am counting on you all to help me with this...
Put your thinking caps on!:o)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Here's a picture of me and my new grandson, Jack, who is now about 8 wks that you know what I look like. I always like to see who I'm stitching with, do you? Makes me think I know you better that way. Or, is it just me??? I hope all of you will post a picture, please????

I'm so happy to be joining all of you on the Bride's Tree SAL. I've wanted to do this sort of thing for years, and have never had a fire under my boookie (it's not pronounced like a book...:) until now, perhaps. I'm really looking forward to getting started in January.

My personal interpretation is going to be to find designs that strikes me by relating to my son's childhood in some way. So, they will truly be visual reminders, as well as symbolic ones. I hope, in a way, my only DD-Jessica doesn't get wind of what I'm doing, because you know she's going to want a Bride's Tree, too!!! Yikes!

Just want to give a wave to Barbara and Vonna for sending me here to look. See you both in the "Spring!" :) Deb

Monday, December 10, 2007

January: House

Look at these ADORABLE little houses I found...

They're from a place in the UK called The Nutmeg Company, and while they're on the expensive side, they're so adorable. The designer also has a book out that can be found for far less if you're interested in making these.

Pattern Chosen....

From Ginger Frazer
I will be stitching from a Victoria Sampler seminar piece I never finished that was on this theme. I even have a beautiful moire box to use. The piece has a sampler that fits into the top of the box and then the ornaments can be stored inside. Here's a pic from her site:
The heart is not there - it is hardanger and I have done that one.
And here is a pic of what I have done so far:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I will be stitching from...

Hi everyone,

I think this SAL is a great idea; I have had Best Wishes Ornaments by Rosewood Manor Designs in my stash forever; which is based on the same theme as this SAL; I have always wanted to get these stitched and now with this group, I will get them done!! Below is a picture of the chart;

Happy Stitching,


Blog; Pull Up A Needle And Stitch

Friday, December 7, 2007

Where you can find Patterns

These are just suggestions on where to find patterns. As I come across more resources, I will post them. Feel free to add to the list if you find anything.

I found these books at my local library, but they are also available on the internet.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

How this Works

Since 2008 has been dubbed the Year of Selfish Stitching by many bloggers who find themselves too involved in exchanges and swaps, I thought this would be a great idea to help focus our stitching on ourselves, at least in a small way. Ornaments stitch up quick and don't put a huge burden on the stitcher, so I think this is a nice treat without a huge commitment.

I am a firm believer in symbolism and the value of sentiment, which is why I love this idea of a Bride's tree and the symbolic meaning behind each ornament. Some items on the list have a more religious connotation than others, but I think that can be modified so that everyone can be comfortable with them. But mostly I think this set of ornaments should reflect your own personal sense of style, your own personality, and your own stitching preferences. I think the most fun will be seeing how different people interpret the list and where they draw their inspiration from.

This is the list by month of the themes from the ornaments. Feel free to keep your eyes open for ideas for upcoming themes, or to work ahead if you so choose. (I would just ask that you refrain from posting pictures until we reach that theme)

  • January: House - shelter and/or protection
  • February: Heart - true love, love of family
  • March: Flower or Flower Basket - good wishes, beauty in the home
  • April: Rabbit - hope and/or faith
  • May: Bird or Bird in a nest - happiness and/or joy, confidence in the shelter
  • June: Fruit or Fruit Basket - generosity, plenty
  • July: Fish - Christ's blessing, fertility
  • August: Rose - beauty and/or affection, Virgin Mary
  • September: Teapot or Coffeepot - hospitality
  • October: Pinecone - motherhood and/or fruitfulness, eternity
  • November: Angel or church - God's guidance in the home, spiritual guidance
  • December: St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) - giving and sharing, unselfishness and/or goodwill
And I don't see any reason why those who don't celebrate Christmas can't participate if they want to. A good wish for the home is a good wish for the home, no matter what religion you are. Why not finish your items into a bell pull, table runner, or other non-Christmas item? Surely themes of love, family, hospitality, goodwill and hope appeal to all of us. Okay, the Santa Claus one might be tricky, but why not subsitute a symbol of your own holiday experience, such as a menorah or a Kwanza Kinara?

I would encourage participants to look through their own stashes and reference materials to find patterns suitable for this project, or treat yourself to a few new items. There's no restrictions on shape, size, designer, etc. This should be a FUN project!