Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello from C in DC

Hello all,

This is my first SAL. I'm also very new to blogging.

I'm planning to stitch my BT ornaments from my stash as much as possible. This will give me the opportunity to work on projects I've bought for myself over the years that I haven't really touched since. I do way too much obligation stitching.

I also like the idea of stitching from my stash because then my ornaments won't necessarily look like a matched set. Since we have a very eclectic tree, with ornaments from around the world, I like the idea of keeping the hodge-podge character going. I'll let you know which patterns I choose as I go along.

I pulled out my house pattern last night. It's a kit of the Liberty Building (Tudor style) in London. Unfortunately, the kit is missing the pattern. I'm hoping I can find a copy of the pattern, otherwise, I think I can probably make do with the picture in the kit.

This should be fun!