Sunday, December 23, 2007

My patterns!

I don't remember what possessed me to buy these charts, but I did, and I've had them sitting around for a while now. I'm debating using them, because I REALLY like the Victoria Sampler Christmas Treasures box and ornaments. Oh man, what a decision!!

This is a great SAL idea, and I'm glad I joined!

You can buy them right here from the designer. (Scroll down to almost the bottom of the list!)


Ginger said...

Courtney - these are really nice. I think it would be hard, cause those are a bit cheaper! The VS one is still an exclusive cyberclass and would cost you 67.29 plus shipping and doesn't include the stuff needed for the ornaments, just the sampler. But that is the only way to get the leaflet... I wasn't sure you had looked into it that far.
Have a great Christmas,

J Rae said...

What neat designs!

Dani said...

I had seen those and am debating about getting those patterns. Thanks for the link!