Monday, December 24, 2007

HELLO there :)

My name is Vonna and I reside HERE. I've been in for a couple of week now and lurking the board, and thought I'd better make an introduction. It was not my intention to start something "else" stitchy, but I was persuaded and after I started thinking....well I can't turn my mind off. SO I decided to go ahead and join too. I'm going to try *really hard* to get each of my ornaments stitched each month.

Here's my plan. These ornaments are not for me...and for no bride walking down the aisle anytime soon. What I'm planning is to go to the after Christmas sales and buy the nicest, guadiest boxes I can find, 4 of them. I'm going to try to stitch 4 sets of these ornaments and as I finish them, I will place them in the box. I am planning on writing a letter about the meaning, why I stitched them, etc and pasting it on the inside cover of the box and as I get the sets done, I shall pack them away for when my 4 children get married. Once they are married then I shall present each one of them with a box of bride tree ornaments. Great idea, huh?! I'm notorious for "great ideas" it's the following through with the idea that I stink at! So here's a toast and a wish to getting them done!

I've chosen a lot of the patterns already and I'm choosing most of them from various Prairie Schooler patterns that I have. I haven't decided if I'm doing 4 sets the same or 4 sets different...I think I may do different designs on some and the same on some. We'll see?! I wish you all and myself much luck in achieving our goals!


monique said...

Lovely idea! I would think different sets would be good... you could use designs that suit each child's personality. Good luck on completing your mission!

Teresa said...

What a great idea to stitch them for your children. I am so glad you decided to join! :)

Jinger said...

What a great idea, Vonna! I had thought about doing the same thing for my son.

Dani said...

Vonna - I think it's a wonderful idea to stitch these up for your children. The best part about being part of a SAL - you will have encouragement in this project. Good luck!

Janaina said...

What a lovely idea you had! Congrats on that! Looking forwards to follw your progress!