Saturday, December 13, 2008


...and so they are finished. It has been great to have this group to stitch along with.

This won't be the best way to display the set, but it does show them as a group. The individuals have been posted along the way. I did buy the tree for them, but they're larger than I anticipated, so the tree will come in handy for other ornaments, and my plan for these is to go into my son's "hope chest" for some day in the future.

Click on the image to see a little better. This on shows the tiny tatted ring I made for each as a hanger. They will be best with an actual hanger, which I will include, but for now they're hung by the thread.

Happy Holidays to one and all!


Carolyn NC said...

Really nice stitching - love the ornaments!

C in DC said...

Congratulations on finishing all of them! That's wonderful, and they all look great.

J Rae said...

Lovely! Congrats on getting them all finished!