Monday, October 5, 2009


Hello everybody,

As you know, Jennifer is expecting any time soon and asked for help with the blog and SAL. I stepped up and offered myself with the clear intentions that if in any future time Jennifer wants to take the administration back, it will be waiting for her :D

In the meantime I have plans to offer a 2010 edition of the SAL and hopefully this will bring the enthusiasm back to the group. Since the number of members in blogger are limited to 100 I need a favor from all of you.
If you finished the SAL, please let me know if you want to stitch a new cycle or if you would prefer to offer your place in the blog to someone else.
If you are stitching them and want to continue, it's OK, there is no time limit for this SAL and there won't be one, but please let me know if you are still interested on it so I can lock your space :D.

I will be promoting the new SAL edition in my blog on November. I hope that this will be enough time for everybody to answer me back and of course I will appreciate if you can promote the SAL as well in your blogs.

I'll be looking forward to receive your answer.


Charlene said...

I did finish my set, and will step away so that another happy stitcher can join in the fun.

Charlene in SC

Aury said...

Thanks Charlene!

Scattered Threads said...

Hello Aury,

Thank you for stepping in to keep the SAL going.
Looking forward to stitch the ornaments in the upcoming year.

Rachel S said...

I am still interested in being it. I fell off-track last time, but I'm getting married this year, and would like to do my own set.

Trish said...

I'm getting excited about 2010!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Aury
My name is Elena L. from Russia, Krasnodar. My blog:
I really impressed by idea: very creative, interesting. I would like to ask you to join me for group. Thanks a lot.

Lee said...

I have signed up
Look forward to finding designs for the themes.