Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still stuck on January

When I posted a photo of the stitching finish of my January ornament, one commentor was kind enought to ask to see the finish finish, both sides ... so here are the photos.

I have been delayed in getting to the February and March ornaments because I ordered the wrong linen. I have no LNS in my area so I rely on online shops ... and unfortunately not everything one sees on a computer monitor is true to actual color. As a consequence I ordered Glasgow linen in a shade called Flax when I should have ordered [I think] a shade called Raw Linen. I will be correcting that error later this week and hope to catch up on my ornament stitching by the end of the month. I have two more Workbasket Quaker style charts lined up for February and March to remain consistent with the look of the January ornament. And both should be relatively quick stitches. I am going to have research future monthly themes, attempting to keep the whole set looking Quakerish. This SAL is turning out to be both a joy and a challenge ... a challenge because I seem to have a knack for making things more complicated than they have to be.
Once I get my fabric, I think I'll try to get a jump on things by stitching the backs for the rest of the year ... with the key words and the monogram ... that project would make perfect "waiting room" or "lunch hour" stitching.