Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Wishes for March

Could I have waited any longer to get this March ornament finished? Don't think so ;-)

It was a fun one to work on. I have seen some really pretty ones that you all have done, and that makes me think this will not be the only set I'll make. Do you see that awful, nasty stain on the back piece? My 'new' iron spit some steam that was brown on it... I haven't done anything other than blot it to try to remove it. So sad !! But AT LEAST it wasn't the front; right?


Jennifer said...

I've seen other bloggers mention the Tide stain remover pen working wonders on stained pieces, so maybe you want to try that? (I haven't tried it myself, so I can't say for sure). I've used OxyClean stain remover on some stained pieces (ones that were stitched before we became obsessive about hand washing!) and it worked great without ruining the stitching (I used colorfast fabric and DMC floss)

ace teacher said...

I like the fantasy flower in the middle of your basket. Very nice ornament. Good luck on finding something to remove the stain on the back...but I bet no one will notice it :)
Louise in SC