Friday, June 13, 2008

Just joined!

Thanks for letting me join! I have stitched for quite a few years, but I'm so new to the blogging world like you wouldn't believe! I'm also spending FAR too much time "wandering in blogland" so nothing is getting done, gardening, housework, stitching. I do have a blog but keep forgetting where it is (don't laugh) so I will be back with more information later!

I'm off to the land of the demon thistles, also known as my back garden. We've had lots of rain recently and today is lovely and cool (90 yesterday, sorry, we left England before celsius came in) so a great opportunity to be outside.



Louise said...

Hi Gillie, Welcome to the Bride's Tree SAL! You will find lots of inspiration here. It is so fun to see what our fellow stitchers have created.