Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Rose

Finally finished my rose (bud)...found this in my stash and I don't remember who designed it.
It was a freebie I found on the web
It looked like a rose to me and I really liked the colors and design.
So if anyone knows the designer, please feel free to mention it.
I also found the fish I want to stitch for July. That one was a toughy for me.
Stay tuned for my July ornament.


Gillie said...

Could it be by Brittercup? If you look at Dusty's March ornament it has similarities

DUSTY said...

Very pretty !!

Rita said...


Finding a fish I liked was a challenge for me too. Good luck!

Scattered Threads said...

Love it. Finding a fish and finding time are my challenges. Your rose turned out very nice. I like it too.