Monday, August 30, 2010

May, June, July...

I got behind on my ornaments, so June & July are small ones so I could catch up - also because I have some finishing ideas that required them to be small.

May: Hummingbird (from a little kit)

June: Cherries (just winged this one)

July: Fish (freebie found on this blog)
I really need to start my finishing soon :D


Rita said...

I love them all. I look forward to seeing them "finished"; you've got me curious with your comment about having to be small. :-)

DUSTY said...

All three are lovely !!! I am also curious to see how you are going to finish them.

Scattered Threads said...

I fully understand the catch up part. They turned out beautiful dear.

M said...

Very pretty! Make sure to post pics once they're finished. :)

I've stitched that hummingbird before; I used it for a greeting card.