Monday, December 17, 2007

Can you creative ladies help me here?!:o)

I am thinking about to start my blog here...
The thing is: I can´t decide on a name for it!
Here is what I was thinking about:
-The Cross Stitch Maniac Corner
-The Stitcher In The Green Bikini (yes... I am from Brazil (great beaches!) and yes, I have a green bkn!)
-Stitching At The SunI am looking for THE perfect name and I am counting on you all to help me with this...
Put your thinking caps on!:o)


Ruth said...

Hey J!

How about the Sunny Stitching Diva! Or Bikini Diva Stitches :)

J Rae said...

I like the Green Bikini one. :-)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

I like the "Sunny Stitching Diva" title, too. Not really sure what bikini's have to do with stitching that would draw people to read your blog...
"Bikini Diva Takes a Stab at Stitching"????? LOL

Chris said...

Green Bikini Stitcher?
I like "Sunny Stitching Diva" also.


Janaina said...

Hahahahahaahah... Thank you ladies! The Stitcher in the Green Bikini it is... I made a poll with a few friends and that was the most voted option. Thank you all for the thoughts and suggestions.:o)
So far my page is nothing but a huge blank page, but I am working on that!
See ya!