Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finished my first ornament

Well, finished stitching it anyway! I still have to finish it into an ornament. I stitched a freebie pattern, La petite maison de campagne de décembre. (Click for the link) I'm stitching a set for my best friend and her husband, so I changed the Decembre to the family name (blurred for privacy). I also stitched in the year in the snow - I couldn't think of another good place to put it, but I think it looks okay where it is.

I stitched it over one on 25 ct. linen using mostly the recommended DMC threads. I did use up some Toasted Marshmallow I had left from another project for the snow, and I added a little gold star on top of the tree using metallic braid.

I'm also making a little progress on my own ornament, the 3-D Lavender house. I got a little tired of stitching on it (it's over one on 22 ct.), so I set it aside to work on other things. Guess I better get back to it!


J Rae said...

Love the free pattern. Lovely!

The one you are doing for yourself looks great so far. Can't wait to see how it will turn out.

I'm doing mine over one as well and it definitely takes a lot more out of you. :-) I've taken a break from it for several days to stitch over 2. :-)

Barbara said...

Lovely winter house :) Great over one stitching!

Sandy said...

Those are both really cute Jenn! I like the French house sampler that the one came from, and I think one of these days I might do all of those up for my daughter because she's studying French.

Can't wait to see how the 3d one turns out!

Teresa said...

Your houses are really sweet! I am very excited about seeing the 3 D house.

Patty said...

That's a great idea to stitch the name instead of the month. I can't wait to see the other house when it's done.

Charlene said...

Oh, how lovely! Yours is looking good, too.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Very nice houses, looking forward to seeing 3D house when it is done.
Olenka's Stitches