Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Freebies added

It's not quite February yet, but I've listed the heart-shaped freebies I've been collecting for the February ornament. As of this posting, all the links are active and working. I'll try to list as many freebies as I can, and post them a little before the month we're doing them so you can get started collecting your supplies. Remember, you don't HAVE to stitch these freebies - you can stitch anything you want and interpret each theme in your own way. I'm just providing them in case you need a chart.

I'll also be archiving the previous month's freebies at the start of each new month, just so the page won't be too cluttered. There will always be a link to those freebies on the main page, so if you ever want to go back, you'll be able to find things. As always though, if you do find something you like, it's better to save it or print it right away instead of hoping it's still there when you go back. Some freebies are only available for a limited amount of time and may not be there when you go back.

And if you know of any freebies that fit the themes, please let me know where to find them and I'll make sure they're posted. There are tons of hidden gems all over the internet and they're not always so easy to find.


Lee said...

Thanks! Great idea, although I know it was probably a lot of work for you.

You're the greatest!

Linda said...

Here is a link to a site that has two heart patterns and some bunnies (for later reference)