Friday, January 4, 2008

Has anyone started yet?

I plan to decide on a house to stitch this weekend for January, and hope to have time to start stitching.

I do have a question. Does anyone have a pattern for the pinecone yet (for October I believe)?

Between my existing stash and the copy of the "Better Homes & Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs" book that I picked up before Christmas, I have something for every month's theme except the pinecone. I've searched a few other places (PatternsOnline being one), no pinecone found yet.


Vonna said...

I do have a pinecone pattern it's smallish and from Prairie Schooler leaflet...e-mail me and I'll give you the details, as I'm going to have to dig through my patterns and I don't know which leaflet off the top of my's VERY nice though :)

Sweet Pea said...

I ordered Sweetheart Tree's Snowflakes in the Pines for my pinecone one. I've always loved that design so I thought it would be a good one.

Check page 189 in the BH&G book 0 they have the state flowers, and Maine's is a pinecone.

Sweet Pea said...

I ordered this book on (it was much cheaper). I love the kits on this site, but I couldn't see spending that much on one thing, so the book was a better option. I'm going to stitch one of the houses from the front cover - in fact, I just picked up the fabric for it today.

J Rae said...

I plan on using "Gathering Pinecones" by Hillside Samplings. They have a small ornament in the pattern as well as the large one.

There is also "State Flower Borders" by Horha Hernandez. Published by Leisure Arts. Pinecone is the "flower" for Maine. There are a few of these books for sale on And also Amazon. (I will be using one of the rose designs - rose is the flower for New York and DC - for the Rose month.

As mentioned...Sweetheart Tree has "Snoflakes in the Pines". They also have "Santa in the Pines" in the 2003 Just Cross-Stitch Ornament Issue. They have the large design "Whispers in the Pines" that an ornament could somehow be derived out of.

I also found some pinecone designs
on this website:

Hope all of that helps. :-)

Chris said...

Wow. Y'all had lots of places to find pinecones.

Don't know where my head is. I love Sweetheart Tree designs and should have remembered "Snowflakes in the Pines". And I have the 2003 Just Cross-Stitch Ornament Issue, hadn't thought to look through my JCS Ornament magazines.

Thanks for all of the wonderful places to look.

Barbara said...

Looking is half the fun, though, isn't it? ;)