Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hello from the Southern US!

Hi everyone! I'm Sandy from North Carolina and I'm so excited to be included in the SAL. I will be stitching these for my sister and her husband this year for Christmas. I plan on covering a hat box in satin and lace to put the ornaments in. I probably won't get started until next Tuesday, but I picked fairly easy patterns so they won't take so long to stitch up. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress!



imnverted said...

Hi Sandy,
That sounds like a wonderful way to present these as a gift!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Sounds like a great idea! I bought German Santa Tins on the after Christmas sale and I'm lining the inside :)
Nice to meet you!

Deb said...

Welcome, Sandy. Where in SC? Love your box presentation idea. I hope you have fun this year with the stitching.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Hey, Neighbor. I'm in SC - near the NC border. Sounds like a wonderful gift!

Sandy said...

Thanks ladies! I got the idea from a box my daughter has. It's a small oval shaped box with a cover that is covered in pink satin with black lace on top of that. Then there's a really pretty ribbony thing. I'll have to post a pic of it!

I'm in Greensboro, NC, part of the Piedmont Triad of GB, Winston-Salem, and High Point. GB is also home of Chris Daughtry :)