Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My First February ornament

First finish... first buttercups..... First Love.

Yes, love to Indigo Rose. "Four Little Hearts",
a freebie made into a biscornu. I used scraps of
DMC floss and Evenweve 28 ct. and added some
Mill Hill beads. Both sides of the biscornu are identical --
the design is small and I enjoy stitching specialty stitches.
Happy stitching to everybody,
Olenka's Stitches


An Ornamental Quill said...
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Sandy said...

Sorry, I posted under the wrong name lol Anyway, I love the biscornu, it's gorgeous! And the froggies are way cute!

Janaina said...

Cuuuute!:o) How many threads of floss have you used for the rhodes hearts?

Aury said...

Love your biscornu!!!

Cenoura said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!
(I'm crazy about biscornus and this one is lovely!)

Anonymous said...

love your biscornu...I really want to make one of these. Where did you get the pattern??


Olenka's Stitches said...

Thank you everybody for your interest and nice comments. Two strands of 316 DMC are used for the Rhodes Hearts.
I had been looking for the design for a long time before I found it somewhere in the Internet. Unfortunately there is no address on the copy I made. Just now I found another IR design good for a biscornu http://www.caron-net.com/dec00files/dec00desf1.html.
Biscornus are not so hard to do, if you need any help, inspiration - leave a message in my blog.

Barbara said...

It is gorgeous!!!!!
Barb in TX

Charlene said...

What a lovely set of ornaments biscornu would make! Lovely!

LadyV said...

How lovely! Beautiful stitching!