Sunday, February 3, 2008

Officially running behind!

I've started my house ornament twice now only to get part way and decide I think I want to do something else. The first I was stitching on 40ct but it was still going to be larger than I really wanted it to be, and after several mistakes I tossed in it the scrap basket.

On my second choice I made very good progress on the other evening in my husband's office while I sat with him as he worked. In the morning I really disliked to colors. I hope to make progress on Jan and Feb by the end of the week.

The ornaments posted so far a beautiful and I'm quite inspired!



Teresa said...

I started my house twice. I tried to pull the threads out on the roof to change the color. It was too much of a challenge, so I started over. I wish you nothing but good luck!

Looyoo said...

You are a dedicated stitcher! Do you have super duper vision or do you have a tip on stitching on 40 count fabric? I really want to do a project on some 40 count hand dyed linen that I have but I can't see it well enough even with magnifiers...ugh! I look forward to seeing your projects. Kim