Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home of the Brave

I apologize. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Jackie from Texas and I love to crosstitch. I was inspired to do this piece because I felt it was very appropriate for the January Bride's Tree SAL. My husband and I both served in the military and it also represents our patriotic family and home, Home of the Brave. This is a freebie design by The Useful Needle and is still available to date.


Jennifer said...

What a cool selection - I love that it's so meaningful to you and your husband, and Home of the Brave really does bring home the ornament's meaning of "protection", doesn't it? Nice work!

xsfriend said...

Thank you Jennifer. I think so too. Thank you for the beautiful theme.

Sandy said...

I love it! I was also raised in a military family (both parents spent 26 years in the air force). I'll have to stitch this one myself!

Beautiful job!

xsfriend said...

Thank you Sandy.
I've had this one in my collection for some time and have been across a few oceans in HHGs (smile). I thought it was so perfect for this SAL.
Thanks again and would love to see yours when completed.

Charlene said...

A great selection, pretty and patriotic! Nice work.

Dani said...

Great job Jackie! What branch of the military were you in? My husband and I are also both currently in the military.

xsfriend said...

Hello Dani,

Please accept my aplogy (if you are still out there) for not answering your email sooner than now.
Soon after this crosstitch, life took me for a loop; and now I hope I don't get another curve ball.
Also,we served in the army.